New Products Launched

At the outset we wish to thank our esteemed clients for their continued patronage and support, which has facilitated our growth over the past 2 decades and has helped us to become one of the market leaders in the manufacturing of Speciality Natural Aroma Chemicals. We have constantly endeavoured to provide our clients with quality products, always aiming for “ZERO REJECTION”. Over the years, we have tried our best to improve our service levels as well, which includes reduced processing time for orders and regular communication of the status of dispatches.

We are now offering a more elaborative basket of products. Based on the feedback received from most of our clients, we plan to focus on offering products in small packings viz 1Kgs, 5Kgs and 30Kgs. We believe this would be a win-win situation for everyone, as we expect the prices of most of the products (which as you are aware are already very high) to keep on reducing over the next 6 month or so. This way you can stock to your optimum requirement and take advantage of the reducing prices during every purchase cycle. Moreover with the help of our technological edge and ethical practises, we will always be committed to offering you 100% genuine products. Given your support, we would also try on a long term basis to keep you informed about the market variations in the prices, so that you can plan your purchases better and hopefully ensure that you are somewhat insulated against games played by some of the dubious traders in our market.

We sincerely solicit your support in this attempt of ours to ensure that prices to you may remain rational even in times of force majeure and shortage and that the unprecedented situation that has arisen over past 1 year or so, due to hoarding of material by some traders does not reoccur. Please refer our latest Product List dated 01.08.2018, and revert to us with the Products of your interest.


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