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Over the past 2 decades, following the footsteps of our parent company, Industrial Perfumes Ltd, we have constantly endeavored to provide OUR CUSTOMERS with quality products, with the help of our technological edge and ethical practices, aiming for “ZERO REJECTIONS”. However we are aware that in our desire to give you the best possible quality, the prices of our products have always been on the higher side. This is also due to the fact that, as most of our customers were not availing modvat credit, we too were forced to avail Central Excise duty exemptions. With the advent of GST however all the turnover restrictions have ended and most importantly full credit can now be availed on all of the inputs, including services. This has substantially lowered our manufacturing costs. In line with the philosophy of the GST reforms, we have taken a policy decision to pass this credit benefit to our customers. We have also taken a strategic decision to lower our margins in most products and aim for higher turnovers.

W.E.F 01/07/2017, we are slashing our prices across our entire range of Aroma Chemicals, Resinoids and Essentials Oils, though the price reduction in Resinoids and Essentials oils is marginal, as there is no change in the basic rates of the raw materials of these product categories.


We hope the lowering of our prices would help our customers compete better in the present competitive market scenario. Reduction of prices nothwithstanding, our commitment to the  “QUALITY FIRST” policy still stands.

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