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Benefits of using our Speciality Natural Aromas and Resinoids

Crescent Fragrances Pvt. Ltd.(CFPL) specializes in manufacturing extracts of Natural Essential Oils like Citronellol ex Citriodora Oil, Geraniol ex Citronella Oil, Geraniol ex Palmarosa Oil, Hydroxy Citronellal ex Citriodora oil, Rhodinol ex Citronella Oil, Rhodinol ex Geranium Oil and Citral ex Lemongrass Oil. CFPL also manufactures Speciality Resinoids by Solvent Extraction of Natural Gums, in combination with Natural Biomass (Roots, Leaves, Stem, Grass, Herbs etc) containing Natural Essential Oils.  The health and environmental benefits of using these Natural Aromatic Chemicals and Natural Resinoids are exceptional. Moreover the performance of these Natural Extracts in Fragrance and Flavour Compounds is far superior to their synthetic equivalents. These Natural extracts rather than Synthetics, create fragrances which bring emotional and physical healing properties such as calming, energizing, relaxing or mood alleviating. Their skin sensitivity and allergen levels are also comparatively lower.

At CFPL, over the past 2 decades, it has been our constant endeavour to provide our customers with quality products with the help of our technological edge and ethical practices. In this competitive market, wherein quality is compromised for price in most instances, brands/perfumery compounds though successful initially, have extremely low Product life cycles, as the Ingredient manufacturers, owing to cost constraints, do not maintain consistent quality. We strongly believe in the policy of manufacturing products as per their original specifications laid down by their original manufacturers like Roure Bertrand Dupont(RBD) and Industrial Perfumes Ltd(IP), so as to give maximum impact in Perfumery Compounds. Naturally Brands/Perfumery Compounds having our products in their composition have much higher Product life cycles. Most importantly, in this age of advanced technological devices like GC-MS, use of the Specialty Natural Aromas and Resinoids manufactured by us, makes it tough for competitors to detect the actual composition of the perfumery compounds of our clients. This is due to the fact that Natural  Aromatic Chemicals have Multi Isomer composition, unlike Synthetic, which are usually single peak materials. This is precisely the reason that today in-spite of our extremely modest beginning, we are among the top most Indian manufacturing companies, offering specialty Natural Aroma Chemicals & Resinoids and are known all over the country for our Premium quality.

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